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Chris Hirneisen

Chris began his career as a restorer of classic boats in his childhood city of Detroit, Michigan, and in 1987, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to join the family business - Graphic Power - as a designer and fabricator of high end signage. While in Raleigh, Chris studied Industrial Design at N.C. State School of Design.

A move to San Francisco in 1998 led to his work as production designer for Martinelli Environmental Graphics where he went on to become a key member of the team serving in a diverse set of capacities: designer, fabricator, and project manager.

In 2006, Chris founded his own company Vectorpickle. A perfect forum for the unique and varied set of skills that he had cultivated throughout the years, Vectorpickle's services included a wide array of design and fabrication services including signage, prototypes, Point of Sale displays, tradeshow environments, production parts, retail products and art installation services.

A partial list of places Chris' work can be seen includes Apple's flagship store in San Francisco, The Cliff House in San Francisco, Alcatraz National Park, Intuit, Lifefactory, Pfeiffer labs, Gap Inc., Ulinx, The Body Shop, NC Museum of History, The Office, and IBM.

Ben Mitchell

Ben has been a builder of things since his earliest days. He has an extensive background in live productions having worked in theater for over a decade building sets, designing and implementing tricks, and stage managing.

His skill set is very interdisciplinary, including vehicle mechanics, fine woodworking, precision welding, CNC programming, and systems engineering.

He holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from Dartmouth College and a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University.